In early 2009, twelve adults and five children moved into the Chestnut Hill neighborhood and began practicing ways of sharing meals, prayer, work, money and service in a spirit of hospitality to their neighbors. The name Castanea was derived from the Latin for the Chestnut tree, which went through a major blight and subsequent restoration in the early 1900s. Recognizing their own frailty and need for restoration and wholeness, Castanea hoped for an opportunity to join their neighbors in God’s redemptive work in Chestnut Hill.


Mission Statement

Castanea is an interdependent Christ-following community that seeks to embody and share Kingdom life centered around common meals, prayer, work, study, play, place, and possessions.

Having carefully listened to the Spirit, we’ve identified the following gifts and ­vocations among our membership:

  • Working toward a healthy food culture through urban farming and  education alongside a commitment to sourcing food locally

  • Caring for creation by educating on and practicing conservation, alternative transit and energy, decreased dependence on fossil fuels, and incorporating permaculture principles in daily living

  • Practicing hospitality and compassion in ways such as being mutually available, opening homes, and sharing resources and meals

  • Fostering spiritual disciplines by sharing common prayers, reading and discussing scriptures together, and supporting personal practices and commitments in discipleship

  • Working toward economic reconciliation by advocating for just housing in Nashville, supporting local trade, and striving toward holistic economies and eliminating debts

  • Committing to the hard work of a loving family life by actively raising children and providing for their development, examining our household economies, strengthening our marriages, and fostering holistic relational health