Visiting and Getting Involved

Visiting for Meals, Work, Prayer and Play

There are some fairly consistent, scheduled gatherings of the community, like meals on Tuesday and Thursdays. For many, those are a good place to get to know some of the members of Castanea. Gardening, goat-scaping and other projects toward a sustainable life together might be another! Prayer is yet another weekly scheduled time that guests may join as often as they like, whether it is singing Taize hymns, reading through scripture Lectio Divina style, or traditional Hymns in a nontraditional way. Outside of normally scheduled meetings, there are occasional movie nights at the Garden Stone Theater, game nights, community celebrations, or other events that you might encounter during your visit. All are family friendly. Check the calendar for any larger, community-wide events.

Not From Nashville, Eh?

Castanea also loves out of town visitors. Quite often there are one to four “WWOOFers” living with its members for periods of a week to several months ( Other passersby have included members of other intentional communities, couch surfers (, family, friends, and the random guy who occasionally stays with the Adkins. Besides humans, if you look closely you might also spot dogs, goats, bats, chickens, pigs, birds, and a large variety of plant life while on your stay. Castanea tries to accommodate any out-of-town community friend(s) for short stays (up to 3 days), but there are not always rooms available. Feel free to use the contact form to ask any other questions about a potential visit.


Though there have been frequent discussions over Castanea’s formal membership and how others could join, the process of visiting – and, for some, joining – remains fairly unofficial. But it might be helpful to share a basic process. The first steps are to contact Castanea through this website or one of the members, and to share a little about you and your interest in Castanea’s vision. Then it’s a good idea to come visit – join the group at meals, prayers, work, and play. There are many communities out there, and Castanea won’t be a good fit for everyone seeking life in community! Come and see. If you like what you experience and think it will be a healthy place for you, Castanea, and our neighbors, let your intentions be known and participate in the life of Castanea for a period of about a year. After that, if you’d like to stay, and further, be involved in all decision making of the Community, there will be a scheduled time for you to tell us your story again, describe your experience here and why you desire to be committed to these relationships for another period of time.

[Not necessarily lifetime – some members of Castanea consider themselves committed indefinitely, some own homes in the neighborhood, but no one is officially a lifer!]